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About Mega Resvertarol

Mega Resveratrol was a pioneer in introducing high-potency resveratrol products in 2007, and setting the standard of voluntary third-party independent lab testing for purity and safety. Mega Resveratrol 99 is a pharmaceutical-grade pure trans-resveratrol purified to a minimum of 99% and micronized for optimal absorption and bio-availability. We specialize in high-purity, natural, trans-resveratrol products. Our capsules and powders contain no excipients (fillers, binders, additives, flaw-agent or preservatives, a.k.a “inactive-ingredients”), and each batch is tested for purity by an independent U.S. laboratory. Please refer to the Certification Page.


Our products are manufactured in the USA, in a certified GMP facility that is regulated by the FDA. Our prices are economically structured, and our customers benefit from high quality products at an affordable price. Please see independent Customer Reviews on Google. All of our products are purity guaranteed.

Our corporate offices are located in Danbury, CT. Candlewood Stars Inc., are registered with the FDA (Reg # 18631710504). Mega Resveratrol is a proud member of NPA (Natural Products Association), and a proud supplier of resveratrol products to various research clinics and institutes in the United States and abroad.


Our Customers

New York University (NYU).
University of California San Francisco (UCSF).
Oregon Health & Science (OHSU).
New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities (IBR).
Shriners Hospital for Children- Portland OR.
University of Missouri (UMSL).
University of Applied Science of Western Switzerland (HES-SO).
University of Kentuky, research & Education ctr (UKY).
Advanced Technologies (Cambridge) Ltd, UK.
Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals,Winnipeg, Canada (RCFFN).
University of Maine (UMAINE).
University of Rhode Island (URI).
University of South Florida (USF).
University of Pennsylvania (UPENN).
Tree Of Life, Rejuvenation Center, AZ.
Randol Mill Pharmacy, Arlington, TX

Rikilt Wageningen UR Netherlands.
Limab, Universiteit Gent, Belgium.
Harlan Laboratories Models, S.L. Spain.
Universidad De Alicante, Spain (UA)
Ryerson University, Toronto, On, Canada.
Centre De Recherche En Cancerologie, Qc, Canada.
S.N. Institute Quimica Unesp, Brazil.
Ab Science, Lyon, France.
Columbia University, New York.
University Of Missouri, Medical School (MU)
Cambridge Theranostics Ltd, Uk.
University of South Florida, Silver Child Development, Fl (USF).
Astrid Lindgrens Children Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.
University Of Connecticut (UCONN)
Pembroke College, Cambridge, Uk.
Alexandria Hospital, Singapore
Duke University, NC.
and many more…



President’s letter:

There is an enormous difference between our company and most other companies, and it’s not only found in the unmatched quality of the product. It’s in the story behind Mega Resveratrol and its beginning.

In 2003, I was lucky enough to walk out of a hospital alive after surviving a heart attack, yet I felt like a helpless “walking time bomb.” I knew it wasn’t a question of if but when my next heart attack would happen. I thought I had two choices – I could rely on miracles or on doctors and statins. Unfortunately, neither prevented my first heart attack.

For about a year, I searched for something better than statins or aspirin. I was looking for a natural product that would keep my blood flowing, regardless of my cholesterol levels, a product that would prevent further heart attacks.

I tried different products, and in 2004, I found resveratrol—a natural anti-inflammatory and blood-thinner that would “work” perfectly with a cardiovascular disease I inherited from my father. The condition is known as Lipoprotein (a). It means I have a small LDL (bad) cholesterol particle size. These particles stick to each other, cause inflammation, clog the arteries and lead to heart attacks. About 70 million individuals in the United States suffer from LP(a). Since a particle size cannot be changed or treated, the only option is to keep the blood flowing by reducing inflammation and thinning the blood, which is what resveratrol does well.

Back in 2003, the available purity of resveratrol was only 10%-20%. That meant that only 10%-20% of each capsule’s contents was the beneficial trans-resveratrol. The rest was filler and impurities. With such low purity levels, to achieve a dosage of 1000 mg of trans-resveratrol, I had to take 20, 30, or even 40 capsules a day (and deal with the gastrointestinal side effects of low purity resveratrol). Even today in 2018, most resveratrol sold in the market is of low purity (20%-50%).

As you can imagine, I wanted a highly pure resveratrol product. With my business background, I knew I could produce it. In 2007, we started offering pure trans-resveratrol capsules. I founded Mega Resveratrol because I couldn’t resist offering a high-quality product that can prevent thousands of heart attacks and strokes. Mega Resveratrol is nothing less than what I would take myself.

Today, it’s been 16 years since my heart attack. I’ve never felt better, and the results of my routine “stress tests” at the hospital are excellent. Unfortunately, in recent years, two of the top cardiologists—the experts on how to prevent heart attacks at my area hospital passed away after suffering heart attacks. Since then, my cardiologist (and his colleagues) are all taking resveratrol.

As the owner/founder of Mega Resveratrol, I will never reduce the quality of my product in exchange for monetary gain. I will never sell a product that is less than what I personally use. That is my promise and guarantee!!!

MegaResveratrol.net provides high-quality resveratrol to satisfied consumers, healthcare providers, compounding pharmacies and research institutes in the United States and abroad.

To better understand the misconception of high cholesterol levels relative to heart attacks, and how resveratrol may prevent heart attacks, I strongly recommend reading this short article (please click on the link below):

Cholesterol, Particle Size LDL, and Trans-Resveratrol


Doron Efrat, President








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