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Highest Purity High DosagePure Trans Resveratrol


Mega Resveratrol® 99%
500 mg Vegetarian Caps

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Micronized – High Absorption


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Highest Purity Lower DosagePure Trans Resveratrol


Mega Resveratrol® 99%
250 mg Vegetarian Caps

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Micronized – High Absorption


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Also in Powder Form!


Mega Resveratrol® 99%
Trans-Resveratrol Powder

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Micronized – High Absorption

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Mega Resveratrol® 99%Pure Trans Resveratrol


Wholesale Capsules and
Powder by the Case

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Cycloastragenol 98% Pure

Micronized – High Absorption

Anti-Aging Telomerase Activator

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Why Choose Mega Resveratrol?

Important Notice To Our Customers:

Mega Resveratrol response to PBS article regarding industry regulations and the general safety and purity of dietary supplements:

For the last twelve years, we have been providing our customers with the highest quality and highest purity products. During this time, we have been warning consumers about the supplement industry in general; in particular, we’ve written about the misleading labels of products that are low in purity (and are offered on Amazon and elsewhere as “100% Pure Resveratrol” while they contain NO (or low) TRANS-Resveratrol, (The beneficial compound in Resveratrol). For more information, please see our section “What Should You Know Before Purchasing Resveratrol?”).

Unlike most companies, our “Supplement Facts” label  is fully disclosed, including purity, (Trans-Resveratrol) content. Our products are made with no added excipients (AKA “inactive ingredients”). These potentially toxic additional ingredients ONLY benefit the manufacturer by facilitating the manufacturing process, and DO NOT benefit the consumer.

Mega Resveratrol was a pioneer in setting the standards for voluntary lab testing. We take our customers’ health and well-being very seriously, going far beyond the official FDA requirements by having our products voluntarily tested and certified for purity and safety by an independent third-party USA laboratory. This has been our standard practice since 2007. We do this so you can be 100% certain you are only receiving what is on the label.

Mega Resveratrol is a proud supplier of pure trans-resveratrol products to consumers, compounding pharmacies, skin care manufacturers, research institutes and universities in the United States and abroad.

For details please click on the links below:
1. Misleading Supplement Labels >>>
2. Our Certifications >>>
3. Our Customers >>>

Trans-Resveratrol is the Key

Mega Resveratrol is a pharmaceutical grade, 99% pure trans-resveratrol made with high absorption micronized resveratrol. Clinical studies have shown that micronized resveratrol (reduced particle size) increases absorption by up to 1000% compared to standard resveratrol. Learn more.

Trans-resveratrol is the active ingredient and the beneficial substance in resveratrol. Mega Resveratrol’s vegetarian capsules contain high purity, micronized trans-resveratrol and nothing else, so you get health benefits instead of unpleasant side effects.

Beware of products marketed as “100% pure resveratrol,” “Maximum Strength,” etc. These products often contain a low amount of trans-resveratrol (the active ingredient in resveratrol). Products sold without information about how much trans-resveratrol they contain may be misleading or even fraudulent. These products are marketed as pure but are anything but.

Buy 99% pure Trans-Resveratrol for all the benefits with no side effects.

Quality You Can Trust

Fresh and pure every time: At Mega Resveratrol, we manufacture our products in small batches so your order will always be fresh. We add no excipients, fillers, binders, additives or preservatives (a.k.a. “inactive ingredients”), so you get only pure trans-resveratrol. Mega Resveratrol is wild-harvested, 100% natural, and 100% vegetarian.

Mega Resveratrol is manufactured in the USA, and every batch is tested for purity by an independent USA laboratory. Research clinics, universities and pharmacies worldwide use Mega Resveratrol products.

Our products have been used in various studies and research worldwide.   Learn more

Buy 99% pure Mega Resveratrol for its quality.

Mega Resveratrol is Cost Effective

When you purchase Mega Resveratrol, you get more for your money. Since resveratrol may be a life-time regimen, we try to offset the price by offering larger quantities at once to reduce your per-unit cost. One bottle of Mega Resveratrol contains 120 capsules (500 mg per capsule). This means you receive a total of 60,000 mg (60 grams per bottle) of pure micronized trans-resveratrol with no additives, fillers or preservatives added. One bottle is a four months’ supply at a cost of less than 75 cents per day (based on one capsule/day).

Consumers should be aware that even though the initial cost of lower purity resveratrol supplements is often seems lower, the ultimate cost may be even greater than the cost of pure trans-resveratrol. Why? Lower purity products require a higher dosage (multiple capsules) to match the effectiveness of a single pure trans-resveratrol capsule. Furthermore, unlike low purity resveratrol, pure trans-resveratrol causes no side effects.

Mega Resveratrol

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Why Mega Resveratrol?

  • Pharmaceutical-Grade, 99% Pure Trans Resveratrol Capsules and Powder
  • High Absorption – Micronized for optimal absorption and bio-availability
  • Wild-harvested, 100% natural, 100% vegetarian
  • Absolutely NO excipients, additives, fillers or preservatives added
  • USA Lab Purity Certified
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Available in 500 and 250 mg Vcaps

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