I started Mega Resveratrol because my life depended on it

Welcome to Mega Resveratrol! By now, you’ve learned a lot about the unmatched quality of our products. You know that quality and customer satisfaction are what matter most to us, and to our growing customer base. But the why behind our trusted line of supplements is my own personal story, and I’d like to share it with you.

Doron Efrat- Mega Resveratrol founder and CEO (Image updated Nov 2022)

In 2003, I was lucky enough to walk out of a hospital alive after suffering a heart attack. And while I was grateful to have survived, I really felt like a walking time bomb. I knew it wasn’t a question of if but when my next heart attack would happen. Doctors had diagnosed me with a genetic condition known as LP(a), or elevated Lipoprotein (a). People with this condition have a small LDL (bad) cholesterol particle size.* These particles stick to each other, cause inflammation, clog the arteries, and lead to heart attacks. LP(a) afflicts nearly 70,000 individuals in the US and has no direct cure, so I left the hospital feeling helpless and deeply afraid for my future. (LP(a) is part of an inflammatory markers test offered by Quest Lab and known as “Cardio IQ”).

For about a year, I searched for something better than the available treatments: statins or aspirin. I was looking for a source of preventative care – a natural product that would keep my blood flowing, regardless of cholesterol levels. I tried a variety of different products with disappointing results and then, in 2004, I found resveratrol, a natural anti-inflammatory and blood-thinner that was capable of keeping my cardiovascular disease from getting worse.

Back in 2004, the available purity of resveratrol was a meager 10-20%, meaning that each capsule contained only 10-20% of the beneficial trans-resveratrol, along with fillers and other “inactive ingredients.” At such low levels, I would need to take 30 to 40 capsules a day to achieve the results I wanted (and deal with the resulting gastrointestinal side effects). Even today, most resveratrol on the market is only 20-50% pure.

It was clear that I needed a highly pure resveratrol product, and with my business background, I knew I could produce it myself. In 2007, I started my company Mega Resveratrol, and we began to offer the highest-purity trans-resveratrol capsules available. Knowing it had the power to help prevent thousands of heart attacks and strokes each year, I felt compelled to share this product with others who need it as much as I do. Quite simply, Mega Resveratrol is nothing less than what I would (and do) take myself.

Today, many years after my heart attack, I’ve never felt better, and the results of my routine “stress tests” at the hospital are consistently excellent. In recent years, two of the top cardiologists at my local hospital sadly passed away after suffering heart attacks themselves. Since then, my cardiologist and his team of colleagues have added resveratrol to their personal and professional regimens.

Mega Resveratrol provides high-quality supplements to satisfied consumers, healthcare providers, compounding pharmacies, and research institutes in the United States and abroad. (Over 50 published studies, using Mega Resveratrol products, are posted on Google-Scholar). As the owner and founder, I will never reduce the quality of my product in exchange for monetary gain. Nor will I sell a product that falls short of my very high personal standards. That is my unwavering promise and guarantee!

Doron Efrat, President

*To better understand the misconception of high cholesterol levels relative to heart attacks, and how resveratrol may prevent heart attacks, I strongly recommend reading this short article.

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