What is Micronized Resveratrol, and Why is It Beneficial?

What is micronized resveratrol

As a supplement user, you try to keep up on all the latest literature and the common terms, but it can be difficult, since there is a lot of information to absorb, and you are probably neither a nutritionist nor a chemistry professor. So you make do with what you can find online and on the backs of supplement bottles.

For instance, you may have come across the term “micronized resveratrol,” and wondered what the heck it meant. What does micronization mean? And what is the difference between micronized resveratrol and, say, non-micronized resveratrol?

The answers are fairly straightforward.

What Is Micronization?

Micronization is simply a process by which the average particulate diameter of a solid substance is reduced to only a few micrometers, or millionths of a meter. However, for pharmaceutical and food supplement purposes, the size of the particles is usually reduced to the scale of nanometers, or billionths of a meter.

How Is Micronization Beneficial?

Nutritionists have discovered that the body can absorb water-soluble dietary supplements more readily than it can absorb non-water-soluble materials. They also discovered that the body absorbs substances composed of smaller particles more efficiently, quickly and easily than it absorbs larger particles. In fact, the smaller the particle is, the more easily the body can take advantage of it. Clinical studies indicate that micronizing the particle can increase its absorption and bioavailability rate by as much as 210 percent! It starts acting more quickly and in greater concentrations.
What this means is that the nutritional and health benefits of a micronized resveratrol are twice as likely to be absorbed in your body as non-micronized resveratrol. The more readily your body absorbs the supplement, the more readily you begin experiencing the benefits of resveratrol. Some of these benefits include a reduced chance of the following:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Liver disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Joint disease
  • Lyme Disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Hardened arteries

Resveratrol is a non-water-soluble substance, so the best way to raise its rate of absorption and bioavailability is to micronize the particle (i.e. make it much more miniscule).

The Size of Mega Resveratrol Products vs. Standard Resveratrol

The average size of the particles in Mega Resveratrol products is 3 µm (0.003 mm). Compare this to the diameter of standard resveratrol, which is to 170 to 220 µm (0.17-0.22 mm).
This means that standard resveratrol particulates are nearly 75 times larger than those of Mega Resveratrol. The difference in absorption and bioavailabilty rates is profound.

Reducing Resveratrol’s Particle Size Further

By mixing resveratrol powder with an 80 to 150-proof alcoholic beverage, you can dissolve the powder and reduce resveratrol’s average particle size even further. This is a beneficial method for administering the supplement orally, but it is also the preferred way to apply trans resveratrol as part of a body lotion or facial cream.
Does this type of dermal application sound interesting? If so, click the following link to read detailed instructions for making your own Resveratrol Facial Cream >>>

Now that you know the benefits of micronized resveratrol, make sure you choose Mega Resveratrol products, which absorb more readily and efficiently.

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