Should you be taking Resveratrol?

Should You be Taking Resveratrol?


In our previous blog post we discussed the many benefits of a daily supplement of Pure Trans Resveratrol; however you may be wondering if you personally should be taking Resveratrol. The simple answer to this question is ‘yes’, we would recommend that any adult aged 35 years or over should take Resveratrol. And as for the not so simple answer…


Why should you be taking Resveratrol?

As a matter of fact there are many reasons why most of the population should consume Resveratrol as part of a healthy lifestyle regimen. With a long list of benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, cardiovascular protection, cancer prevention, ease of joint disease, reversal of Alzheimer’s and many more, we believe everyone should consume Resveratrol.


Even if you do not suffer from any of the above ailments, there is no reason not to take Resveratrol as a preventative measure against these problems. As we all know, prevention is a huge part of keeping fit and healthy. In fact, there is no limit to the number of problems that could be prevented by a daily supplement of Pure Trans Resveratrol.


Should vegetarians take Resveratrol?

With an increase in the number of people nationwide adopting a healthy, GMO-free, vegetarian lifestyle, another very common question posed to us is: Is Resveratrol also suitable for vegetarians? Again, the answer is yes. As our Resveratrol is produced with zero excipients, fillers, binders, additives or preservatives (a.k.a. inactive-ingredients), you get only Pure Trans Resveratrol, which is derived from the naturally grown Japanese Knotweed plant. So yes, Mega Resveratrol is therefore 100% natural and 100% vegetarian, making it perfect to take for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike!


Why else should I take Resveratrol?

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, Mega Resveratrol’s Pure Trans Resveratrol products are completely pure, thus avoiding the side-effects or problems associated with the low-quality, poorly-labelled Resveratrol supplements which flood the market. We operate with transparency and all our products are independently verified by outside laboratories – to give you peace of mind and to give us the satisfaction of selling the highest quality products we can.


There are many of our competitors, both nationally and internationally, that claim to sell Resveratrol products at a lower price to Mega Resveratrol. However, you should not be conned by these companies, who are often selling inferior, useless, or even dangerous supplements. Our slightly higher prices mean that we can personally guarantee all our products to be 99% Pure Trans Resveratrol – leading you to be well informed, happy and, most of all, safe with your purchase.



There are, of course, a small number of exceptions as to who should take Resveratrol. Since one of Resveratrol’s benefits is blood thinning, individuals who are currently taking blood thinning medications should first consult with their healthcare provider before starting a Resveratrol regimen. In some very rare cases, certain individuals may suffer from conditions which cause the sufferer to be allergic to red wine and therefore Resveratrol too. Unfortunately, in the cases of these individuals, they should not take Resveratrol. Furthermore, if you are taking antiplatelet drugs, cytochrome P450 substrate drugs, or if you suffer from a hormone-sensitive cancer, you should not take Resveratrol products.


Are there any side effects of Resveratrol?

Beside these few, very rare exceptions, there are currently zero noted side effects of 99% Pure Trans Resveratrol.  As noted elsewhere on our website and in our other blog entries, there are many products on the market proclaiming to be Resveratrol supplements which may be manufactured with lesser, or even miniscule, percentages of Trans Resveratrol, under shady manufacturing practices or with unnecessary fillers and additives. Taking these products can very easily result in unwanted side effects or reactions. This is why we guarantee our products to be 99% Pure Trans Resveratrol. With our products, there are literally no side effects.

We believe in our products, and we believe you will too, once you have started your regimen. Just take a look at our customer reviews, and see for yourself.

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